🌟🔥 **Revving Up for an Epic Triple Header Day!** 🔥🌟

🌟🔥 **Revving Up for an Epic Triple Header Day!** 🔥🌟

Hey, champions! Get ready to dive into a day packed with power, progress, and sheer determination! 🏋️‍♂️

First up, we're kicking off with a dynamic session at physical therapy, where we'll be harnessing the incredible potential of e-stim technology available at Direct Deposit Medical Equipment (DDMEshop.com) Noon to 1 - we're going to crush it!

Then, it's straight to CRT (brain therapy) back at home from 1:15 to 2 or 3. We're all about maximizing those brain gains and pushing boundaries!

And the grand finale? Home lifts with the incredible Steve! From 5 to 6 or 7, we'll be dominating those squats, bench presses, and deadlifts like never before. 💪

Speaking of powerlifting, we're gearing up to revolutionize our training routine with a focus on the holy trinity: squats, bench press, and deadlifts. The progress is real - squatting body weight solo, benching like a pro with a spotter, and nailing those deadlifts with finesse. Last night's deadlift practice? Absolutely impressive! 🌟

Get hyped, stay motivated, and let's conquer the day together! Your strength knows no bounds, and today, we're proving just that. Let's do this! 💥 #PowerUp #TripleHeaderDay #StrengthandDetermination 🚀



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