Get Out of Your Own Way: Embracing Phototherapy and X39 Patches
The blog post "Get Out of Your Own Way: Embracing Phototherapy and X39 Patches" discusses ethical objections to stem cell therapy and introduces phototherapy, specifically the use of X39 patches, as a non-invasive and ethical alternative for healing and regeneration. The post highlights the differences between phototherapy and stem cell therapy, emphasizing the safety and effectiveness of X39 patches without the ethical concerns associated with stem cell treatments. It encourages readers to consider and embrace phototherapy as a modern and ethical option for promoting health and well-being.
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Hi Katie!
The text is from  Kyle Keech who is excited to be in contact with an official Strongman representative. Kyle shares about his background, including a motor vehicle accident he was in during seventh grade, and his journey of recovery from various injuries. He mentions using x39 stem cell patches and Nitric Oxide capsules for therapy, as well as his plans to team up with stroke survivor friends for exercises like Atlas Stone Lifts. Kyle also talks about his new blog, Direct Deposit Medical Equipment (, and his store where he offers recovery aids. He expresses enthusiasm for sharing modified strongman lifts and continuing communication with the Strongman representative.
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Strength Training for Wheelchair Users: Adapting Atlas Stone Lifts at Home
The blog post discusses the benefits of using Rogue Rubber Atlas Stones for physical therapy and rehabilitation. These versatile and safe training tools mimic traditional stone Atlas Stones but provide added safety and versatility for users in physical therapy settings. The post highlights the benefits of using these rubber Atlas Stones, such as safe and controlled exercises, variable resistance, full-body workouts, and improved grip strength. Additionally, the post includes a sales description emphasizing the key features of Rogue Rubber Atlas Stones and their suitability for physical therapy, strength training, and rehabilitation needs.
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